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Steven Nolan



Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Building (5)


Telephone: 4675889

Project Title

Transition – Metal Catalysis for The Environment  and Biology

Project Summary

New Asymmetric and non-chiral ligands containing donor atoms such as Diphosphines, bis-indoles, oxazoles and imidazoles, have been prepared. Their activities as chiral ligands have also been examined in certain asymmetric applications such as Michael addition, alkylation, Aldol Condensation and Heck reaction. High e.e`s were achieved. The use of some of these well-defined catalysts in areas relevant to the environment (reactions with CO2 and pharmacologically relevant molecule synthesis) are presently being explored.

The resulting chiral products have shown their biological activity as anti-cancer, antifungal, anti-Hiv virus. etc