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Paul Trayhurn



 Zoology Dept., College of Science, Building (5)

Office: AB 104

Telephone: 4675780

Project Title

Novel Cytokines and Chemokines Secreted by Human Adipocytes: Potential Links to Obesity-Related Disease

Project Summary

White adipose tissue is a major endocrine and secretory organ the expansion of which in obesity leads to the induction of inflammation and the development of the obesity-associated diseases. White adipocytes release a plethora of protein signals and factors termed adipokines, some of which are cytokines and chemokines. The principal goal of this project is to identify novel cytokines and chemokines secreted by human white adipocytes as potential players in the inflammatory response in adipose tissue in obesity. A combination of PCR array studies to determine global cytokine/chemokine gene expression together with protein arrays and specific ELISAs to assess the active secretion of the protein will be employed. Comparisons of expression patterns will be made between lean and obese subjects in adipose tissue biopsy material.