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It is the vision of King Saud University that KSU’s significant reforms should be internationally visible and contribute to the university’s world recognition. Therefore, they proposed and are currently implementing a well structured, visionary and pragmatic work plan in order to achieve the University aim in becoming a research-led institution. The demands on educational and research institutes such as ours expect us to broaden our horizons and attract funding, knowledge and expertise from the global market. The state of the current global market is very performance driven, with competition amongst the elite very fierce. To compete, the King Saud University must embark on a period of transition. A number of new short term initiatives must be introduced to ensure the university receives the correct exposure on the international scene right now. However, a long term programme of strategic plans and reforms need to operate in tandem to ensure that growth measured in terms of wealth of knowledge, facilities and recognition are sustained in the future years. Worldwide recognition will certainly have a profound effect on the King Saud Universities research orientation and will pave the road to increase accredited education programs. Hence, it is essentials that the foundations are put into place as soon as possible, so that our university can be at the forefront of worldwide projects, technologies and discoveries. Most of strategic reforms and plans that the KSU has already undertaken to improve its education, research and enterprise, may not be visible to the international community. These reformation and developmental plans should be published in order to give KSU the recognition and reputation it deserves and to highlight the huge efforts and resources committed to elevate standards of education, research and enterprise. To this end, the University has recruited and acquired the input of international researchers who are specialist in various research fields with outstanding careers as part of Distinguished Scientist Fellowship Program.

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