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Research projects

Research projects Research projects
Biodiversity and conservation of wetlands of Saudi Arabia Molecular characterization of marine fungal communities of Saudi Arabia.
Applications of orthogonal and q- polynomials and codes theory over finite chain rings Dendrimers conjugated with carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and activators functionalities
continuation of the Selenoprotein Hidden processes belowground: Carbon-nutrient trading in the mycorrhiza of Phoenix dactylifera
Stomatal control of water-use efficiency date palm Phoenix dactylifera: understanding heat and drought tolerance Various Aspects of Meat Quality and Safety
Seasonal sources, variation and distribution of natural and anthropogenic organic matter in soil from the city of Riyadh- Saudi Arabia. Food Bioactives, their Processing By-products and their potential Health Effects
DNA vaccination of cervical cancer patients with rearranged oncogenes of the human papillomavirus type 16 Elucidating Molecular Mechanisms of Thermoguinone Inducing Vascular Responsiveness
Erosion and Corrosion Tests of Electrically Conductive Graphene/CNT- Vinyl Ester Hybrid Composites Coatings on Steel Substrates Timing and Composition of Harrat Volcanic Activity, Western Saudi Arabia, and its Relation to Regional Mantle Dynamics
Study of position oscillations in ordinary space and the transition from coherent behavior to random order Microbiomes of legume and Zygophylaceae pioneer plants and growth stimulation of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera)
Synthesis studies of coordination and organometallic compounds for new biologically-active, magnetic or luminescent materials Heat, salt and drought tolerance mediated by Phoenix dactylifera root-associated microbes
Airborne desert dust, air quality and climate in the Mediterranean and Middle East Characterization of Bioactive Components Camel Milk and Their Health-Related Effects
Theory of Participatory Wireless Sensor Networks and their Applications to Health Care Managing Intellectual Propertyfor Global Competitiveness
Non-indigenous bird species (NIS) of date palm Phoenix dactylifera Multistep Methods with New Unique Properties for the Efficient Numerical Solution of Orbital and Related Oscillatory Problems
Heat stress responses and immunity-related cell death in the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Development of Self Concept in Childhood Students' Evaluation of University teaching at King Saud University
Acclimation and adaptation to extreme heat and temperature fluctuations in Phoenix dactylifera: The significance of anti-oxidative metabolism, volatile organic carbon (VOC) emissions, and respiration Enzymatic improvement of forage utilization by beef cattle, sheep and goats
Mechanism, thermodynamics, and thermo-tolerance of date palm Phoenix dactylifera membrane transport: 1. sugar transport Multi-Source Information Fusion
Placental morphology and gene expression in pregnant women in Saudi Arabia Partial Differential Equations
Gold Catalysis for cyclotrimerisation and oxidative alkylation  


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